The Brian Joyce Show



Brian Joyce is a new brand of talk radio.

Often described as the “future of talk radio,” Brian lights up the airwaves with brash, bold, thought-provoking conversation. Listen to him live every Monday through Friday, 3-6 pm on News Radio 106.7!

The Brian Joyce Show is a fast-paced, informative, entertaining look at the hottest local, national, and international stories of the day. Equally comfortable mixing news and politics with sex, drugs, and rock & roll, there is no topic Brian won’t touch.

The Brian Joyce Show also features an impressive array of guests, from writers and pundits to politicians, musicians, and entertainers. Where else can you find Mayor Andy Berke, guests from the Brookings Institute and the Heritage Foundation, plus comedians like Kevin James and Ron White, and punk rockers Social Distortion and Dropkick Murphys? Only on The Brian Joyce Show!

Brian has tripled his ratings since taking over the 3-6 pm slot, and he was named one of talk radio’s “Top 5 Rising Stars.” Listen to his show and you’ll hear what the buzz is about! Tune in every Monday through Friday, 3-6 pm on Talk Radio 106.7.