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WYAYShowsCPAWealthAdvisorsStaffCPA Wealth Advisors, LLC, co-founded by Gerry Benjamin and Howard “Woody” Alpern, both CPAs with over 50 years of combined investment and financial advisory experience, knows how important it is to have qualified CPA advisors assisting our clients in establishing and achieving their personal financial income, retirement, and wealth planning goals and objectives.

We know first-hand that tax planning strategies play a vital role in optimizing virtually every aspect of our clients’ financial planning & investing results, including critical budgeting, income tax, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning, insurance planning & planning for key milestones and contingencies in your life.

We believe that our backgrounds and expertise as CPAs allow us to provide valuable assistance to our clients with every aspect of their financial lives. Our CPA Wealth Advisors are well qualified to assist you with:

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